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The health care management industry is a high-tech sector and belongs to the major fields of expansion of the economy. By now this topic permeates all areas of life.


A modern civilization requires fundamental research to transfer knowledge into practice and with it the perceived social responsibility. Excellent basic research is fundamental for sustainable economic success which is the validation for innovation in the future.


Associations can be organized regionally, nationwide or internationally which depends on assignment of tasks. We support concerns and targets of these institutions according their statues and bylaws.


An organization is a collection of people and resources with the goal of reaching a strategic target and working together in a certain way. An organization can, as well as a company, be very structured.


The so called MICE (Meetings Incentives Conventions Events) industry is also a globalizing sector of the economy. Diverse stakeholders are positioned on the market. We usually serve as cooperation or on-site partner for those global PCO’s.


For kick-off functions, strategies meetings, expert conferences, road shows, management conferences, seminars, team building or anniversaries: we see ourselves as your reliable event management partner in regards of your special goals and objectives.


Full Service


More than 25 years of experiences in the meeting, incentive and event business as well as in the hotel industry

Your benefits

Economic & Risk Management
Liability Management
Staff Management

As a full service agency, we first and foremost see ourselves as an active listener with the goal of becoming acquainted with your field of work, to address your concerns and specifically deliver these according to your wishes. With it, we build up a solid base which is structured on mutual reliance, focused on common strategic aims and at the end a guarantee for a successful conclusion

Customized Service


Access to the professional infrastructure of the global hotel and MICE industry

Your benefits

Fulfilment of existing capacities
Workflow improvement
Save your own ressources

Essentially, we seek enthusiasm of the qualitative challenge and less on the potential volume of work. As a matter of course, it is your decision whether you wish to consider our proposals or recommendations and access on our competences.

Cross culture Service


Global Network and local partnerships

Your benefits

Negotiation experiences

We live in a global village and distances are becoming ineffectual, mobility and flow of information in real time reach utmost importance. We investigate sites according to your wishes and intension as well national as international. We summarize all necessary information and prepare a clearly arranged summary. A couple of our mainspring on action is the everlasting curiosity of inspiring, interpersonal encounter and so that conjoined fresh ideas and unspent approach. We support you – in advance with any correspondence as well as personally onsite – with our expertise professional and language services which happen across borders and cultures.

Accomodation Service


Best possible conditions by negotiation, own booking-platform / tool

Your benefits

Modularly configurable
Flexibility in terms of cancellation policies and room allotments
Internal reporting

We receive accommodation requirements, which are very individual and often depending on the cultural background of the guests. Especially handling bigger numbers of room allotments within different hotels and locations requires an individual and customized IT infrastructure. With the inside knowledge of how the hotel business works and our own booking platform, we are able to use a flexible and data safety tool in which we can handle all challenges in the best possible way for our clients.

Consulting Service


Social competences and dialog center

Your benefits

Knowledge sharing
Transfer of knowledge
Communication management

Responsibility, accountability, loyalty and reliability stand for our service. Fundamental pillars of a successful planning and implementation are effective time and risk management. A high rate of negotiation know-how, attention to detail and the grasp of a wow effect at the right time are perfect endorsement of our business culture.


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